The MOST EXPENSIVE YACHTS in the world. Why don’t the richest people own them? Luxury
Author: Steve White
  • Steve White
    Steve White

    Loves to play with new ideas, binge writing, traveling and gourmet coffee. Professional writer of non fiction with over 8 years experience in putting words to paper. Fan of iconic movies, sports, The Arctic Monkeys and city breaks. Yes, he knows how good his coffee is.

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  • Captain Jack
    Captain Jack

    Commissioning a yacht is an investment with privileges. What most people do is they create a company and fund the construction of a yacht through the business. Once it's commissioned they put it into charter where it starts to make money to pay for itself. You can write off much of the yacht on the companies taxes. It's a useful tax shelter just like any other small business. After the yacht has paid itself off, then the company owner can sell it off or continue the charter and book their own trips in between charters. It's a win-win for the owners.

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